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PDFWAC 246-254-020

Payment of fees.

(1) Applicants, licensees, permittees, and registrants requesting or receiving licenses, permits, registrations, and actions or services by the department shall submit to the department or its designee applicable fees for the license, permit, registration, and action or service provided by the department.
(2) The department shall charge a fee for each:
(a) Radiation machine facility registration and radiation machine tube at the facility;
(b) Radioactive material license;
(c) Service or action with respect to a radioactive material licensee not otherwise covered by fees;
(d) Cubic foot of low-level radioactive waste volume received at a commercial disposal site;
(e) Kilogram of uranium or thorium milled from ore; and
(f) Air emission license.
(3) The department shall charge a fee for each radioactive material license based on the single highest fee category describing activities subject to the conditions of the license.
(4) The department shall charge the applicable license fee for each category when multiple licenses are required.
(5) The department may require multiple radioactive material licenses based upon:
(a) Physical separation of operations;
(b) Organizational separations within a licensee's operation;
(c) Complexity of uses of radioactive material such that two or more fee categories would apply to the operation.
(6) Each licensee, permittee, or registrant shall:
(a) Remit the full fee at the fee rate established by rule at the time such fee is paid:
(i) At least thirty days prior to the annual anniversary date for licensees; or
(ii) On a payment schedule as provided in WAC 246-254-030 or other schedule as may be determined through partnership with BLS.
(b) Consider the annual anniversary to be the month and day of the expiration date of the existing radioactive material license, or other date as may be determined through partnership with BLS.
(7) The department shall refund one-half of the fee if an application is withdrawn prior to issuance of a radioactive material license.
(8) If there is a change by the applicant, licensee, permittee or registrant resulting in a higher fee category, the applicant, licensee, permittee, or registrant shall pay a prorated fee for the remainder of the fee interval.
(9) Each licensee, permittee, or registrant shall remit the full amount of any quarterly billing or individual billing for licensing or compliance actions within thirty days of receipt of the bill.
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