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PDFWAC 246-247-080

Inspections, reporting, and recordkeeping.

(1) The department reserves the right to inspect and audit all construction activities, equipment, operations, documents, data, and other records related to compliance with the requirements of this chapter. The department may require a demonstration of ALARACT at any time.
(2) All reporting and recordkeeping requirements of 40 C.F.R. 61 (effective July 1, 2021) are adopted by reference, as applicable as specified by the referenced subparts. The department may, upon request by a nonfederal licensee, authorize provisions specific to that nonfederal licensee, other than those already set forth in WAC 246-247-080 for nonfederal emission unit inspections, reporting, or recordkeeping, so long as the department finds reasonable assurance of compliance with the performance objectives of this chapter.
(3) The facility shall annually submit to the department the information requirements adopted in subsection (2) of this section, as applicable, along with the following additional information, as applicable:
(a) The results of emission measurements for those emission units subject only to periodic confirmatory measurements;
(b) Wind rose or joint frequency table;
(c) Annual average ambient temperature;
(d) Annual average emission unit gas temperature, if available;
(e) Annual total rainfall;
(f) Annual average emission unit flow rate and total volume of air released during the calendar year.
If this additional information is available in another annual report, the facility may instead provide a copy of that report along with the information requirements in this subsection. Annual reports are due by June 30th for the previous calendar year's operations.
(4) Any report or application that contains proprietary or procurement-sensitive information shall be submitted to the department with those portions so designated. The department shall hold this information confidential, unless required to release the information pursuant to laws, regulations, or court order.
(5) The facility shall notify the department within twenty-four hours of any shutdown, or of any transient abnormal condition lasting more than four hours or other change in facility operations which, if allowed to persist, would result in emissions of radioactive material in excess of applicable standards or license requirements. If requested by the department, the facility shall submit a written report within ten days including known causes, corrective actions taken, and any preventive measures taken or planned to minimize or eliminate the chance of recurrence.
(6) The facility shall file a report of closure with the department whenever operations producing emissions of radioactive material are permanently ceased at any emission unit (except temporary emission units) regulated under this chapter. The closure report shall indicate whether, despite cessation of operations, there is still a potential for radioactive air emissions and a need for an active or passive ventilation system with either an emission control or monitoring devices. If decommissioning is planned and will constitute a modification, a NOC is required, as applicable, in accordance with WAC 246-247-060.
(7) The facility shall maintain a log for each emission unit that has received categorical approval under WAC 246-247-060(8). The log shall contain records of important operations parameters including the date, location, and duration of the release, measured or calculated radionuclide concentrations, the type of emissions (liquid, gaseous, solid), and the type of emission control and monitoring equipment.
(8) The facility shall maintain readily retrievable storage areas for all records and documents related to, and which may help establish compliance with, the requirements of this chapter. The facility shall keep these records available for department inspection for at least five years.
(9) The facility shall ensure all emission units are fully accessible to department inspectors. In the event the hazards associated with accessibility to a unit require training, restrictions, or other requirements for entry, the facility owner or operator shall inform the department, prior to arrival, of those restrictions or requirements. The owner or operator shall be responsible for providing the necessary training, escorts, and support services to allow the department to inspect the facility.
(10) The facility shall make available, in a timely manner, all documents requested by the department for review. The facility shall allow the department to review documents in advance of an inspection. The facility shall allow access to classified documents by representatives of the department with the appropriate security clearance and a demonstrable need-to-know.
(11) The facility shall respond in writing in a timely manner, or within a time limit set by the department, to inspection results which require the facility to implement corrective actions or any other actions so directed by the department.
(12) A facility owner or operator, or any other person may not make any false material statement, representation, or certification in any form, notice, or report required under chapter 70A.388 RCW, or any ordinance, resolution, regulation, permit, or order in force pursuant thereto.
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