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PDFWAC 246-243-190

Radiation surveys and survey records.

The licensee shall:
(1) Conduct surveys with a calibrated and operable radiation survey instrument that meets the requirements of WAC 246-243-080.
(2) Using a survey instrument meeting the requirements of subsection (1) of this section, conduct a survey of the radiographic exposure device and the guide tube after each exposure when approaching the device or the guide tube. The survey shall determine that the sealed source has returned to its shielded position before exchanging films, repositioning the exposure head, or dismantling equipment.
(3) Conduct a survey of the radiographic exposure device with a calibrated radiation survey instrument any time the source is exchanged and whenever a radiographic exposure device is placed in a storage area to ensure that the sealed source is in its shielded position.
(4) Conduct a physical radiation survey of the boundary of the restricted area during radiographic operations not employing shielded room radiography. The maximum survey reading at the boundary shall be recorded. The records shall indicate approximate distance from source to boundaries, whether or not the exposed source is collimated and any occupied areas with exposure levels greater than 2 mR in any hour during radiographic operations.
(5) Maintain a record of each exposure device survey conducted before the device is placed in storage if that survey is the last one performed in the workday, and records required by subsection (4) of this section, including the model and serial number of the survey meter used, for inspection by the department for three years after completion of the survey. If the survey was used to determine an individual's exposure, however, the records of the survey shall be maintained until the department authorizes their disposition.
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