Chapter 246-243 WAC

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246-243-020Definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms.
246-243-030Conducting industrial radiography operations.
246-243-040Equipment performance requirements.
246-243-042Labeling, storage, and transportation.
246-243-044Records of receipt and transfer of sealed sources.
246-243-047Radiation safety officer for industrial radiography.
246-243-050Internal inspection program and training.
246-243-060Locking of radiographic exposure devices.
246-243-070Storage precautions.
246-243-080Radiation survey instruments.
246-243-090Leak testing, repair, tagging, opening, modification, and replacement of sealed sources.
246-243-100Quarterly inventory.
246-243-110Utilization logs.
246-243-120Inspection and maintenance of radiographic exposure devices, transport and storage containers, associated equipment, source changers, and survey instruments.
246-243-130Limitations—Personal radiation safety requirements for radiographers and radiographers' assistants.
246-243-140Operating and emergency procedures.
246-243-141Copies of operating and emergency procedures.
246-243-150Personnel monitoring control.
246-243-160Supervision of radiographers' assistants.
246-243-170Security—Precautionary procedures in radiographic operations.
246-243-190Radiation surveys and survey records.
246-243-200Records required at temporary job sites.
246-243-203Form of records.
246-243-205Temporary job site notification.
246-243-220Special requirements for permanent radiographic installation.
246-243-230Appendix A—Minimum subjects to be covered in training radiographers.
246-243-240Appendix B—General guidelines for inspection of radiography equipment.
246-243-250Appendix C—Radiographer certification.
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