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PDFWAC 246-221-190

Disposal by release into sanitary sewerage systems.

(1) No licensee shall discharge radioactive material into a sanitary sewerage system unless:
(a) It is readily soluble or it is biological material which is readily dispersible in water;
(b) The quantity of any radioactive material released in any one month, if diluted by the average monthly quantity of water released by the licensee, will not result in an average concentration exceeding the limits specified in WAC 246-221-290, Table III; and
(c) The sum of the fractions for each radionuclide, if more than one radionuclide is released, will not exceed unity; where the fraction for each radionuclide is determined by dividing the actual monthly average concentration of each radionuclide released by the licensee into the sewer by the concentration of that radionuclide listed in Table III of WAC 246-221-290; and
(d) The total quantity of licensed and other radioactive material that the licensee releases into the sanitary sewerage system in a year does not exceed 185 GBq (five Ci) of hydrogen-3, 37 GBq (one Ci) of carbon-14, and 37 GBq (one Ci) of all other radioactive materials combined.
(2) Excreta from individuals undergoing medical diagnosis or therapy with radioactive material shall be exempt from any limitations contained in this section.
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