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PDFWAC 246-215-09126

Commissary usage.

(1) The person in charge of a mobile food unit shall use a commissary approved by the regulatory authority issuing the primary permit unless exempted under RCW 43.20.148.
(2) The permit holder shall obtain a written, signed commissary agreement from the commissary operator that must be renewed annually. Any changes to the agreement shall be submitted to the regulatory authority issuing the mobile primary permit before implementing the changes.
(3) The person in charge shall return the mobile food unit to the commissary at a regular frequency, as determined and approved by the regulatory authority issuing the primary permit.
(4) The person in charge shall document presence at the commissary on a log, maintain records for one year, and shall make the records available for inspection by the regulatory authority upon request.
(5) Depending on the menu and plan of operation, the mobile food unit operator must have access at the commissary to:
(a) A three-compartment sink and other approved warewashing equipment;
(b) Adequate hot and cold holding equipment as necessary for proper food storage;
(c) A service sink with hot and cold water under pressure;
(d) At least one handwashing sink with pressurized hot and cold water that is conveniently located and used exclusively for handwashing;
(e) A conveniently located toilet room;
(f) approved methods and equipment to clean and sanitize food and nonfood contact surfaces within the mobile food unit; and
(g) Adequate space for the sanitary storage of food, equipment, utensils, linens, and single-service, or single-use articles.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050 and 43.20.145. WSR 21-01-122, ยง 246-215-09126, filed 12/15/20, effective 1/15/21.]
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