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PDFWAC 240-10-010

Committee established.

(1) In accordance with RCW 41.04.035, 41.04.036 and 41.04.230 and in order to implement Executive Orders EO 84-13 and EO 84-15 a committee is established to conduct a single, annual, consolidated effort to secure funds for distribution to agencies engaged in charitable and public health, welfare and service purposes.
(2) The committee shall be known as the Washington state employee combined fund drive committee.
(3) The committee shall be composed of not more than eight state employees appointed by the governor for three year terms, except that the terms of those first appointed shall be staggered with two persons appointed for one year, three persons appointed for two years, and three persons appointed for three years, as determined by the governor. The members shall be selected from the following groups:
(a) One member from an employee organization;
(b) One member from the legislative branch;
(c) One member from the judicial branch;
(d) Three members from state agencies;
(e) Two members from higher education.
(4) The committee shall elect a chairperson annually, and such other officers as may be needed.
(5) Members of the committee shall serve without additional salary, but shall be reimbursed by their employing agencies for travel, lodging and meals in accordance with state law and regulations.
(6) The committee shall be a policy committee which shall organize and effect one solicitation effort each year.
(7) The committee shall establish standards and criteria for participation in the fund drive. (WAC 240-10-040 and 240-10-050.)
(8) The committee shall annually print and distribute an application form which agencies shall use to apply for participation in the fund drive.
(9) The committee shall evaluate each application, based on its criteria, and determine which agencies engaged in charitable and public health, welfare and social service purposes shall participate in one annual combined effort to secure funds from state employees through payroll deduction or other payment method.
(10) The committee may establish departmental combined fund drive coordinators, local combined fund drive coordinators, local campaign steering committees and local campaign managers to assist in the fund drive.
(11) The department of personnel shall provide the administrative support for the operation of the committee.
(12) All costs such as printing of brochures, preparation of slide presentations, and other promotional costs shall be the responsibility of those organizations designated to participate in the distribution of all funds collected. In circumstances where promotional costs cannot be associated with an individual charitable service organization, the costs shall be shared in a percentage relating to the total funds distributed.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.04.035, 41.04.036 and 41.04.230. WSR 86-08-070 (Order 86-1), § 240-10-010, filed 4/1/86; WSR 86-02-015 (Order 85-2), § 240-10-010, filed 12/23/85.]
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