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PDFWAC 240-10-020


(1) The following rules are promulgated to implement a payroll deduction plan for the efficient, long-term collection of voluntary employee contributions to qualifying charitable, human health and welfare organizations. By establishing a uniform policy toward charitable fund raising efforts among state employees, the state hopes to encourage generosity in voluntary financial support for the charitable services of the qualified organizations.
(2) The intent of these regulations is to:
(a) Lessen the burdens of government and of local communities in meeting the needs of human health and welfare;
(b) Provide a convenient channel through which state employees may contribute to the efforts of the qualifying voluntary health and welfare organizations providing services in the community or region where the employees live and work and overseas;
(c) Minimize both the disruption of the state work place and the costs to taxpayers that multiple charitable fund drives have caused; and
(d) Ensure that recipient agencies are fiscally responsible in the uses of the moneys so raised.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.04.035, 41.04.036 and 41.04.230. WSR 86-02-015 (Order 85-2), ยง 240-10-020, filed 12/23/85.]
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