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PDFWAC 224-12-030


(1) Each dealer, handler, processor, or grower shall keep a complete and accurate record of the soft tree fruits handled, shipped, processed or produced by him. The dealer's or processor's record of fruit received shall include separate accounts for each grower or dealer who supplied fruit to him and shall show the supplier's name and mailing address, dates of purchase, kind of fruit and quantity of each delivery. There shall also be shown the amounts of any soft tree fruit assessments that were withheld from the supplier's account.
(2) There shall be kept a separate file on each fresh market shipment, with complete and accurate identification and description of the shipment.
(3) There shall be kept a separate account for each dealer, handler, or processor to whom fruit was sold for further handling or processing, and this record shall contain complete and accurate details of the transactions.
(4) The records described in subsections (1), (2), and (3), shall be maintained currently and kept as the principal place of business - subject to audit - for a period of not less than two years and shall be offered for examination at any reasonable time when official request is made by an authorized representative of the commission.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 15.28 RCW. WSR 00-19-007, ยง 224-12-030, filed 9/6/00, effective 10/7/00; Regulation 3-6, filed 5/23/63; Regulation 3-6, filed 6/1/61; Regulations (part), filed 2/23/60.]
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