Chapter 15.28 RCW


Regulating soft tree fruitsCommission createdExisting comprehensive schemeApplicable laws.
Commission compositionVotingQuorum.
Director appoints membersNominationsAdvisory vote.
Transition to director appointed commission.
Qualifications of voting members.
Appointment of voting membersPositions.
Terms of office.
Terms of present members.
Nominating meetingsNoticeAppointmentBallotsAdvisory voteEligible voters.
Establishment of subdistrictsRules and regulations.
Vacancies on commissionHow filled.
Compensation of membersTravel expenses.
Powers of commission.
Commission's plans, programs, and projectsDirector's approval required.
Commission speaks for stateDirector's oversight.
Duties of commission.
Copies of records as evidence.
State, personal, nonliabilityObligations limited by collectionsDefense to certain civil or criminal actions.
District advisory and state commodity committees.
Committee organizationDuties.
Annual assessmentExemptionBrined sweet cherries assessable.
Research and advertisingPower to increase assessment.
Increase of assessment for specific fruit or classificationProcedure.
Deposit of fundsTreasurer's bond.
Use of fundsContributions.
Records keptPreservationInspection of.
Returns to commission.
Due date of assessmentsDelinquent penalty.
Collection rulesUse of "stamps."
Responsibility for payment of assessmentsDue upon receiptDelinquenciesCivil action.
Publications by commissionSubscriptions.
Venue of actionsJurisdiction of courts.
Duty to enforce.
Rules and regulationsFilingPublication.
Rule makingExemptions.
Authority to agents of commission to inspect.
Certain records exempt from public disclosureExceptionsActions not prohibited by chapter.
Funding staff supportRules.
Costs of implementing RCW 15.28.103.
Liberal construction.
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