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PDFWAC 222-30-040

Shade requirements to maintain water temperature.

*(1) Within the bull trout overlay, all available shade will be retained within 75 feet from the edge of the bankfull width or the outer edge of the CMZ (whichever is greater) along Type S or F Waters. (See board manual, section 1.)
*(2) Determination of adequate shade outside the bull trout overlay. The temperature prediction method mentioned in subsections (2) and (3) of this section shall be used to determine appropriate shade levels along Type S and F Waters to prevent excessive water temperatures, which may have detrimental impact on aquatic resources. No tree may be harvested within 75 feet from the edge of the bankfull width or the outer edge of the CMZ (whichever is greater) of any Type S or F Water if, according to the methodology, that tree is providing shade to the stream necessary to maintain compliance with temperature standards. If a landowner elects to remove any tree within 75 feet of any Type S or F Water, the landowner must demonstrate, using the methods in the board manual section 1, that the removal of the tree would not be contrary to the restrictions of this subsection.
*(3) Temperature prediction method. In addition to the riparian management zone requirements, leave trees shall be retained in riparian management zones on Type S and F Waters as provided by the method described in the board manual which includes the following considerations:
(a) Minimum shade retention requirements; and
(b) Regional water temperature characteristics; and
(c) Elevation; and
(d) Temperature criteria defined for stream classes in chapter 173-201A WAC.
*(4) Leave tree requirements for shade. The method described in subsection (3) of this section must be used to establish the minimum required shade cover based on site specific characteristics. When site specific data indicate that preharvest conditions do not meet the minimums established by the method, no additional shade removal from riparian management zones will be allowed.
*(5) Shade requirements must be satisfied whether or not the inner zone includes a stream-adjacent parallel road. Nothing will preclude or limit the harvest of shade trees in connection with the construction and maintenance of road crossings or the creation and use of yarding corridors. (See WAC 222-30-060(1).)
*(6) Waivers. The department may waive or modify the shade requirements where:
The temperature method indicates that additional shade will not affect water temperature.
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