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PDFWAC 210-02-060

Information to be provided to the state treasurer before issuance of a final certificate.

The school district shall provide a copy of the final official statement for the bonds to which the guarantee was applied, promptly upon its publication. The school district shall provide to the state treasurer at the time of closing:
(1) A copy of the bond resolution as adopted by the board of directors of the school district, or a bond purchase agreement that states the final terms of the bonds;
(2) An allocation report, identifying by ballot issue, the principal amount of any bonds issued pursuant to the ballot proposition resolution(s) authorizing the bonds, plus any net original issue premium associated with such issued bonds that was deposited in the capital projects fund and any remaining authority to issue bonds pursuant to the ballot proposition resolution(s); and
(3) A letter addressed to the state treasurer signed by the school district's nationally recognized bond counsel firm stating that the state treasurer may rely upon such firm's approving legal opinion with respect to the bonds as if that opinion were addressed to the state treasurer.
If all of the above information has been received, on the date of the bond closing, the state treasurer will provide a certificate evidencing the state's guarantee for use by the school district that reflects its compliance with these requirements.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 39.98.040. WSR 14-06-107, § 210-02-060, filed 3/5/14, effective 4/5/14. Statutory Authority: Chapter 39.98 RCW. WSR 00-11-023, § 210-02-060, filed 5/9/00, effective 6/9/00.]
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