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PDFWAC 210-02-055

Determination of fiscal solvency.

"Fiscally solvent" when used for the purposes of any certification required by the act and these rules with respect to the financial condition of a school district seeking to participate in the guarantee program, means that, in the opinion of the person making such determination after giving due consideration to:
(1) The principal and interest requirements of all outstanding voted general obligation bonds of the school district and of all outstanding bonds issued to refund voted general obligation bonds of the school district;
(2) The school district's past record of collecting voter-approved excess property taxes and reasonable expectations concerning future collections of voter-approved excess property taxes as required to meet those principal and interest requirements; and
(3) Such additional financial circumstances, if any, of the school district that such person considers to be material, it is reasonably expected that the school district will be able to satisfy all principal and interest requirements of bonds guaranteed and proposed to be guaranteed by the state under the guarantee program.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 39.98.040. WSR 14-06-107, ยง 210-02-055, filed 3/5/14, effective 4/5/14.]
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