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PDFWAC 208-544-030

Hourly fees and charges—Regular, including extraordinary examination and special examinations.

(1) Each regulated institution shall pay to the division hourly fees in the amount of eighty-three dollars for regular examinations. This includes safety and soundness, information technology, trust, and any other examination requiring specialized expertise.
(a) The hourly rate applies to extraordinary examinations for the purpose of examining unusual conditions or circumstances, extensions of regular examinations, and any other reviews as determined by the director.
(b) The division may charge the actual cost of examinations performed under personal service contracts by third parties.
(2) The division may collect examination fees for out-of-state banks doing business in the state of Washington (host state) through a cooperative agreement with the home state under RCW 30.04.060.
(a) Fees may be collected directly from the out-of-state institution or may be collected from the home state.
(b) Such fees shall be agreed upon before the examination begins.
(3) The division shall provide to the institution an itemized statement outlining the charges upon completion of any applicable examination. The charges contained in the statement shall be paid no later than thirty days after the billing date of such statement.
(4) The division may require a lump sum payment in advance to cover the anticipated cost of review and investigation of the activities described in this section. In no event shall the lump sum payment required under this section exceed the actual cost incurred under those subsections.
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