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PDFWAC 204-91A-040


(1) When will an inspection be conducted?
(a) After the initial inspection, inspections will be conducted at least once a year.
(b) Unscheduled inspections may be conducted without notice at the operator's place of business by an inspector to determine the fitness of tow trucks, facilities, and business records.
(2) What will the inspection consist of? At the time of inspection:
(a) The operator must:
(i) Provide copies of tow business records by either:
(A) Permitting the patrol to make copies at their place of business.
(B) Permitting the patrol to remove tow business records for the purpose of reproduction provided that the patrol issues a receipt for any original records removed from the place of business.
(ii) Allow the inspectors to reinspect previously approved vehicles for equipment defects.
(iii) Provide current driver information to the inspector.
(b) The inspector must:
(i) Determine if the operator meets the applicable requirements of chapter 46.55 RCW, chapters 204-91A and 308-61 WAC.
(ii) Verify the identities and status of driving privilege of all persons that operate tow trucks, and notify the operator if any person does not meet the minimum license requirements.
(iii) Determine if there are equipment defects on the vehicle(s):
(A) The inspector will conduct equipment inspections per Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) criteria as outlined in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, chapters 204-91A WAC and 46.37 RCW.
(B) The inspector must document the inspection on the Uniform Driver/Vehicle Inspection report utilizing the appropriate Code of Federal Regulations, chapters 46.37 RCW and 204-91A WAC.
(C) If safety-related equipment violations exist which would render the tow truck unsafe for tow operation or constitute a safety hazard upon the public highway, the inspector will place the vehicle out-of-service and notify the operator the vehicle may not be operated until compliance has been met. The operator must repair the violation immediately and certify compliance in writing within fifteen days or remove the vehicle from tow operation.
(D) If violations of equipment or other required items exist, the inspector will notify the operator of the violation(s), and note the violations on the inspection report. The operator must correct the violations and certify compliance in writing within fifteen days.
(c) Whenever practical the patrol will complete a reinspection within three days or as soon as possible after the operator advises the patrol. The patrol may:
(i) Choose to reinspect the vehicle, if it is placed out-of-service.
(ii) Require the operator to bring the truck to the inspector.
(iii) Appoint another patrol officer to reinspect the vehicle(s), if the original inspector is not available. Such appointment must be made by the appropriate patrol supervisor.
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