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PDFWAC 204-91A-050

Adding or removing employees or vehicles.

(1) If an operator becomes aware that the driving privileges of any tow truck driver no longer meet the minimum licensing requirements, the operator must prohibit that person from operating any tow truck.
(2) If an operator employs a new driver or employee who will be involved in vehicle auctions or daily operations under a letter of appointment as defined in WAC 204-91A-060:
(a) The operator must notify the inspector in writing within three days of employing the new driver or employee using the form provided by the inspector. Until the inspector approves the new driver or employee, the new driver or employee must be:
(i) In the immediate presence of a driver or employee already approved by the patrol while operating a tow truck, assisting in vehicle auctions, or preforming daily operations under a letter of appointment;
(ii) Trained by a driver or employee with experience in the same job functions, if reasonably possible.
(b) The inspector will notify the operator, in a timely manner, normally ten business days, if the new employee does not meet the minimum licensing requirements, or the requirements established by chapter 204-91A WAC.
(c) The operator must not use the check performed by the inspector as part of the preemployment screening processes for a new employee.
(3) Vehicles:
(a) If a tow truck is sold or transferred from the business, within three days, the operator must:
(i) Advise the inspector.
(ii) Send the issued cab card permit to the inspector via U.S. mail or another method agreed upon by the parties.
(iii) Remove any decals indicating truck class, company name, district, and tow zone. Once notification is made, the inspector will notify the department and the patrol.
(b) If a tow truck is purchased or acquired, the operator must immediately notify the patrol and request an inspection. The patrol must complete an inspection and issue either a cab card permit, or decal or both before the new tow truck is used for impound calls.
(c) Tow trucks newly acquired or purchased must meet the current equipment criteria listed in chapter 204-91A WAC.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.37.005, 46.55.050, and 46.55.115. WSR 14-17-104, § 204-91A-050, filed 8/19/14, effective 9/19/14; WSR 09-09-118, § 204-91A-050, filed 4/21/09, effective 5/22/09. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.37.005. WSR 04-20-021, § 204-91A-050, filed 9/28/04, effective 10/29/04. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.35.005 [46.37.005]. WSR 89-14-015 (Order 89-04-ESR), § 204-91A-050, filed 6/23/89.]
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