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PDFWAC 200-230-020

Roles, responsibilities, and definitions.

As used in this chapter, the following definitions and roles apply:
(1) "Proposing entity" - Any individual or group advancing a proposal for placement of major or minor works on state capitol grounds.
(2) "State capitol committee" (SCC) - As established in RCW 43.17.070. The state capitol committee grants final approval for all development plans for state capitol grounds including the master plan, and for the design and site of major works to be located on state capitol grounds.
(3) "Capitol campus design advisory committee" (CCDAC) - As established in RCW 43.34.080(1):
The capitol campus design advisory committee is established as an advisory group to the capitol committee and the director of enterprise services to review programs, planning, design, and landscaping of state capitol facilities and grounds and to make recommendations that will contribute to the attainment of architectural, aesthetic, functional, and environmental excellence in design and maintenance of capitol facilities on campus and located in neighboring communities.
The CCDAC is further directed in 43.34.080 (4)(e) to:
. . . review plans and designs affecting state capitol facilities as they are developed. The advisory committee's review shall include . . . (e) Landscaping plans and designs, including planting proposals, street furniture, sculpture, monuments, and access to the capitol campus and buildings.
(4) "Director" - The director of the department of enterprise services. Under RCW 43.19.125 the director " . . . shall have custody and control of the capitol buildings and grounds." The director provides preliminary reviews, evaluates proposals for major and minor works, and provides technical assistance to those proposing placement of major or minor works on state capitol grounds. The director approves minor works proposals.
(5) "Department" - The department of enterprise services.
(6) "Washington state arts commission" (WSAC) - As established in RCW 43.46.005 through 43.46.095, and as specifically authorized in RCW 43.46.050:
The commission shall meet, study, plan, and advise the governor, the various departments of the state and the state legislature and shall make such recommendations as it deems proper for the cultural development of the state of Washington. WSAC may undertake major works on the state capitol grounds as part of its responsibilities under chapters 43.46, 43.17 and 43.19 RCW. The site selection and criteria for these works shall be developed in compliance with the provisions of this chapter.
(7) "State capitol grounds" - Those grounds as defined in WAC 236-12-015(5), as follows:
Those grounds owned by the state and otherwise designated as state capitol grounds, including the west capitol campus, the east capitol campus, Sylvester Park, the Old Capitol Building and Capitol Lake, ways open to the public and specified adjoining lands and roadways.
and including the north capitol campus, Centennial Park, the Tumwater campus and the Lacey campus.
(8) "West capitol campus" - Those state-owned grounds that constitute the state capitol grounds west of Capitol Way, including all of the grounds addressed in the 1928 Olmsted Brothers landscape plan for the state capitol grounds and the state capitol historic district, as designated in the National Register of Historic Places.
(9) "East capitol campus" - Those grounds described in RCW 79.24.500 which includes the campus area north of Maple Park (16th Avenue) and south of 11th Avenue, east of Capital Way and west of Interstate 5 and the Interstate 5 entrance to the state capitol.
(10) "North capitol campus" - Those state-owned grounds north of the west capitol campus and west of Columbia Street, south of 5th Avenue and east of the Deschutes Parkway around Capitol Lake to the Interstate 5 bridge.
(11) "Tumwater campus" - Those state-owned grounds in the city of Tumwater bounded on the west by Interstate 5, on the north by Israel Road, on the east by Linderson Way S.W., and on the south by Airdustrial Way S.W.
(12) "Lacey campus" - Those state-owned grounds in the city of Lacey, bounded on the north by Martin Way, on the west and south by Saint Martin's Park and Saint Martin's Abbey, and on the east by the Woodland Creek protection zone.
(13) "Master plan" - The master plan for the capitol of the state of Washington. As used in this chapter, master plan includes any subcampus plans for state capitol grounds that describe in greater detail the planned development and use of the areas covered by the master plan.
(14) "Major work" - Any statue, monument, sculpture, work of art, memorial, or other structural or landscape feature, including a garden or memorial grove, of notable impact to viewers and to its surroundings. The impact of a work is defined by the combined effect of its subject matter, size, placement, and the degree to which it commands the environmental context into which it is set. Examples include the Winged Victory monument commemorating World War I, and the Tivoli Fountain. The term does not include any such item located within the interior of a structure.
(15) "Minor work" - As determined by the director, a work of moderate or minimal impact to viewers and to its surroundings, defined by the combined effect of its subject matter, size, placement, and ability to blend into or contribute to the planned character of its immediate environment. Examples include individual or small groupings of plants such as trees or shrubs, benches and other campus furnishings, historic event or site plaques, small sculptural elements and artistic works.
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