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PDFWAC 200-230-010

Purpose and authority.

Pursuant to the authority granted by section 140(3), chapter 149, Laws of 1997, the director of the department of enterprise services hereby establishes the following rules governing the design and placement of major and minor works, to include commemorative works and other works of art, on state capitol grounds. The purposes of this chapter are as follows:
(1) To ensure that major and minor works reflect subjects of lasting statewide significance for the people of Washington.
(2) To protect and maintain open space and preserve the natural views and vistas to and from the capitol, as envisioned by the Olmsted Brothers in their 1928 plan for the Washington state capitol grounds, and to conserve options for placement of works by future generations.
(3) To ensure that proposals for commemorative works and works of art on state capitol grounds are evaluated using a deliberate process, acknowledging the unique state capitol environment in which they are to be placed.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.19.011, 43.19.620, 43.19.985, 43.19.742, 43.19.769, 39.26.080, 39.26.090, 39.26.251, 39.26.255, and 39.26.271. WSR 15-23-062, § 200-230-010, filed 11/13/15, effective 12/14/15. Statutory Authority: 2011 c 43. WSR 11-23-093, recodified as § 200-230-010, filed 11/17/11, effective 11/17/11. Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.34, 43.19 RCW and 1997 c 149 § 140(3). WSR 98-01-112, § 236-18-010, filed 12/18/97, effective 1/18/98.]
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