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PDFWAC 196-12-014

PE licensure application form.

The board has a single application form for PE licensure in the state of Washington. This application form must be used by all applicants including those applying for the PE exam and licensure concurrently, those who have already taken the PE examination in another jurisdiction but have not obtained their initial license, and those who are already licensed in another jurisdiction and are seeking a license in Washington state.
(1) Current PE examination and licensure applications: Applicants who have not taken the PE examination will apply for both the PE examination and licensure on the application form. In order to be approved by the board to take the PE examination, the applicant must complete all sections of the form, except the date and location of taking the PE exam and must otherwise meet all of the qualifications for licensure. Upon passing the PE examination, the applicant is also qualified for licensure.
Applications for PE examination and licensure must be received at the board's address with the applicable fee by the date posted on the board's website.
(2) All other applicants for PE licensure in Washington state. All other applicants applying for licensure in the state of Washington, including those who are licensed in another jurisdiction or have passed the Principles & Practices of engineering examination but have not obtained their initial license, must complete all sections of the application form provided by the board.
(3) All applicants must provide information on the application form that demonstrates they meet all requirements for licensure. This includes work experience requirements, education requirements, and examination requirements as detailed in WAC 196-12-010, 196-12-020, and 196-12-021; and RCW 18.43.040.
(4) All applicants must provide the following documents to verify the work experience, education, and examination requirements:
(a) A completed NCEES record transmitted to the Washington board; or
(b) Provide all the following documents:
(i) Education experience records - Official transcripts or the equivalent, showing all grades and degrees.
(ii) Work experience records - Completed form titled "Professional Engineering Experience Verification" which includes not only work experience information and details but also verifications of work experience by supervisors or other verifiers, per RCW 18.43.050.
(iii) Verification of licensing in any other jurisdiction(s), if any.
(iv) Verification of passing the FE examination or its equivalent (if any) or verification of FE waiver and verification of passing the PE examination.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.43.035. WSR 23-22-037, § 196-12-014, filed 10/23/23, effective 11/23/23; WSR 22-17-121, § 196-12-014, filed 8/23/22, effective 9/23/22.]
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