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PDFWAC 196-12-020

Work experience records.

The following criteria will be used in evaluating an applicant's experience record:
(1) Work experience will be approved based on a demonstration of competency and progressive responsibility in the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of engineering concepts and data, under the direct supervision of a person authorized by chapter 18.43 RCW or other applicable statute to practice engineering. Under the general guidance and direct supervision of an authorized professional, the applicant must be in a position of making independent judgments and decisions in the following experience areas:
(a) Formulating conclusions and recommendations;
(b) Identifying design and/or project objectives;
(c) Identifying possible alternative methods and concepts;
(d) Defining performance specifications and functional requirements;
(e) Solving engineering problems;
(f) Interacting with allied professionals;
(g) Effectively communicating recommendations and conclusions;
(h) Demonstrating an understanding and concern for energy/environmental considerations, socioeconomic impact, and sustainability of resources.
(2) Engineering teaching may be considered satisfactory experience up to a maximum of two years at the discretion of the board.
(3) Applied research is considered satisfactory experience when it meets the following conditions:
(a) The research must be conducted under the guidance or supervision of a professional engineer. For the purposes of this subsection, guidance or supervision means being cognizant of all applicable aspects of the work and a reviewer of all applicable reporting documentation.
(b) The principal result(s) of the research are in a published report or a recognized engineering journal article in which the applicant is the primary author or the work is adequately documented and available to the board upon request.
(4) For military engineering experience to be considered acceptable, it should be similar to engineering experience that would be gained in a nonmilitary environment as defined in subsection (1) of this section, and such experience must be verified.
(5) Experience credit for an undergraduate degree cannot be earned concurrently with work experience credit. No more than one year of experience will be granted for one calendar year.
(6) Work experience gained while enrolled in a postgraduate engineering program may be considered satisfactory experience at the discretion of the board. No more than one year of experience will be granted for one calendar year.
(7) All work experience gained must be under the direct supervision of a professional engineer authorized to practice under chapter 18.43 RCW or an individual authorized by another statute to practice engineering.
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