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PDFWAC 192-180-010

Job search requirementsDirectivesRCW 50.20.010 (1)(c) and 50.20.240.

(1) Do I have to look for work? You must be actively seeking work unless you are:
(a) Attached to an employer as defined in WAC 192-180-005(1);
(b) Participating in a training program approved by the commissioner; or
(c) An active registered electrical apprentice in an approved electrical apprenticeship program under chapter 49.04 RCW and chapter 296-05 WAC.
(2) When should I start my job search? You must look for work every week that you file a claim for benefits, unless you are exempt under subsection (1) of this section.
(3) What are my weekly job search requirements?
(a) At a minimum, you must:
(i) Make job search contacts with at least three employers each week;
(ii) Participate in three approved in-person job search activities through the WorkSource office or the equivalent public employment agency in the state in which you reside; or
(iii) Do any combination of employer contacts or in-person job search activities for a total of three.
(b) Based on your individual circumstances, such as your occupation, experience, or labor market area, the department may issue you a directive requiring more than three employer contacts or job search activities each week.
(c) If you are a member of a referral union you must be registered with your union, eligible for and actively seeking dispatch, and comply with your union's dispatch or referral requirements (see WAC 192-210-120). Your benefits may be denied for any weeks in which you fail to meet these requirements and you may be directed to seek work outside of your union.
(4) What is a "job search contact"? A job search contact is one of the following activities:
(a) Contacting an employer to inquire about a job, unless you know the employer is not hiring;
(b) Submitting an application for a job with an employer, unless you know the employer is not hiring;
(c) Taking an exam required as part of the application process for a new job;
(d) Interviewing for a job;
(e) Taking a civil service exam;
(f) Adding a resume to an online job board;
(g) Creating a user profile on a professional networking site;
(h) Participating in work-related networking events, such as a job fair;
(i) Registering for work with a temporary work agency, placement firm, or educational institution with job placement offices; and
(j) Other approved activities listed on the department's website at the time the weekly claim was filed.
(5) What is an "in-person job search activity"?
(a) An in-person job search activity is an activity provided or monitored through the WorkSource office or the equivalent public employment agency in the state in which you reside that will assist you in your reemployment efforts. It includes:
(i) Job search workshops;
(ii) Training classes;
(iii) Creating a reemployment plan;
(iv) Creating an application cover letter or resume;
(v) Obtaining and using labor market and career information;
(vi) Participating in reemployment services and eligibility assessment (RESEA) activities;
(vii) Participating in skills assessment for occupational matching;
(viii) Establishing an online account with your local WorkSource office; or
(ix) Other facilitated services provided or monitored by WorkSource staff or other affiliated agencies and approved by the local WorkSource office.
(b) For claimants residing in Washington state, an in-person job search activity must be documented in the department's computer system to qualify. For interstate claimants, the activity must be documented by the equivalent public employment agency in the state in which you reside.
(c) You do not need to physically visit a WorkSource office or the equivalent public employment agency in the state in which you reside in order for the activity to count as an in-person job search activity. Job search activities that are provided or monitored remotely or virtually also count as a valid in-person job search activity.
(6) What is a directive? A directive is a written notice from the department telling you that specific methods of job search are required in order to meet the job search requirements. A written directive need not have been issued to deny benefits for failure to meet the job search requirements in subsection (3) of this section, unless the directive is required under WAC 192-180-012.
(7) When is a directive issued? The department can issue a directive to clarify or to increase the job search requirements you must meet. Examples include, but are not limited to, cases in which you need to:
(a) Increase the number of employer contacts each week;
(b) Change your method of looking for work;
(c) Expand the geographic area in which you look for work;
(d) Look for work in a secondary occupation; or
(e) Accurately record your job search activities as required by WAC 192-180-015.
(8) When is the directive effective? The directive is effective when it is given in writing by the department. It stays in effect until a new written directive is given; the directive is rescinded in writing; your benefit year ends; or you receive final payment on any extension of benefits related to that benefit year, whichever is later.
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