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PDFWAC 192-180-005

Registration for workRCW 50.20.010(1) and 50.20.230.

(1) Am I required to register for work? You must register for work unless you are:
(a) Attached to an employer, meaning you are:
(i) Partially unemployed as defined in WAC 192-180-013(1);
(ii) On standby as defined by WAC 192-110-015;
(iii) Unemployed because you are on strike or locked out from the worksite as provided in RCW 50.20.090; or
(iv) Participating in the shared work program under chapter 50.60 RCW;
(b) A member of a union that participates in the referral union program (see WAC 192-210-110);
(c) Participating in a training program approved by the commissioner;
(d) The subject of an antiharassment order. This includes any court-issued order providing for your protection, such as restraining orders, no contact orders, domestic violence protective orders, and similar documents; or
(e) An active registered electrical apprentice in an approved electrical apprenticeship program under chapter 49.04 RCW and chapter 296-05 WAC.
(2) How soon do I have to register?
(a) If you live within the state of Washington, the department will register you automatically based on information contained in your application for benefits. In unusual circumstances where you are not automatically registered, you must register within one week of the date on which you are notified by the department of the requirement to register for work.
(b) If you live in another state, you must register for work within one week of the date your first payment is issued on your new or reopened claim.
(3) Where do I register for work? You will be registered for work with the department. However, if you live in another state, you must register for work with the equivalent public employment agency in that state.
(4) What is the penalty if I do not register for work? You will not be eligible for benefits for any week in which you are not registered for work as required by this section.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 50.12.010, 50.20.010, 50.20.230, 50.20.240, and 50.12.040. WSR 20-10-056, § 192-180-005, filed 4/30/20, effective 7/5/20. Statutory Authority: RCW 50.12.010 and 50.12.040. WSR 17-01-051, § 192-180-005, filed 12/13/16, effective 1/13/17; WSR 13-09-010, § 192-180-005, filed 4/5/13, effective 5/6/13; WSR 07-22-055, § 192-180-005, filed 11/1/07, effective 12/2/07; WSR 99-13-002, § 192-180-005, filed 6/3/99, effective 7/4/99.]
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