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PDFWAC 182-546-0150

Ambulance transportationClient eligibility.

(1) Clients are eligible for ambulance transportation to covered services subject to the requirements and limitations in this chapter.
(a) Clients in the following programs are eligible for ambulance services within Washington state or bordering cities only, as designated in WAC 182-501-0175:
(i) Medical care services (MCS) as described in WAC 182-508-0005;
(ii) Alien emergency medical (AEM) services as described in WAC 182-507-0115.
(b) Clients in the categorically needy/qualified medicare beneficiary (CN/QMB) and medically needy/qualified medicare beneficiary (MN/QMB) programs are covered by medicare and medicaid, with the payment limitations described in WAC 182-546-0400(4).
(2) Clients enrolled in the agency's primary care case management (PCCM) program are eligible for ambulance services that are emergency medical services or that are approved by the PCCM in accordance with the agency's requirements. The agency pays for covered services for these clients according to the agency's published billing guides including, but not limited to, the Tribal Health Billing Guide.
(3) People under the Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA) are not eligible for ambulance transportation coverage outside the state of Washington. This exclusion from coverage applies to people who are being detained involuntarily for behavioral health treatment and being transported to or from bordering cities. See WAC 182-546-4100 through 182-546-4300.
(4) See WAC 182-546-0800 and 182-546-2500 for additional limitations on out-of-state coverage and coverage for clients with other insurance.
(5) The agency does not pay for ambulance services for persons living in public institutions, correctional facilities, and local jails, including people in work-release status with the following exceptions:
(a) If an incarcerated person is put on a legal ITA hold, the ITA eligibility supersedes the incarcerated status;
(b) If an incarcerated person is admitted to an inpatient care facility (not the emergency department), and must be transported to a second inpatient care facility to obtain the services needed. See WAC 182-503-0505(5).
(6) Clients in family planning only programs are not eligible for ambulance transportation services.
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