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PDFWAC 182-537-0350

Provider qualifications.

(1) School-based health care services (SBHS) must be delivered by or under the supervision of health care providers who are enrolled with the medicaid agency and who meet state licensure requirements, including active, unrestricted department of health (DOH) licensure. The following people may provide SBHS:
(a) Licensed audiologists;
(b) Licensed social workers;
(c) Licensed mental health counselors (LMHC);
(d) Licensed mental health counselor associates (LMHCA) practicing under the supervision of a licensed mental health provider;
(e) Advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNP);
(f) Registered nurses (RN);
(g) Licensed practical nurses (LPN) practicing under the supervision of an ARNP or licensed RN;
(h) Licensed occupational therapists (OT);
(i) Licensed occupational therapist assistants (OTA) practicing under the supervision of a licensed OT;
(j) Licensed physical therapists (PT);
(k) Licensed physical therapist assistants (PTA) practicing under the supervision of a licensed PT;
(l) Licensed psychologists;
(m) Licensed speech-language pathologists (SLP);
(n) Speech-language pathology assistants (SLPA) practicing under the supervision of a licensed SLP;
(o) Audiologist and speech language pathologist interim permit holders practicing under the supervision of a licensed audiologist or SLP; and
(p) Nonlicensed people providing services under the supervision of a licensed provider.
(2) For services provided under the supervision of a licensed provider, the provider must:
(a) Ensure the child receives quality services by providing supervision in accordance with professional practice standards; and
(b) Review and cosign all treatment notes written by the supervisee before submitting claims for payment.
(3) The school district must ensure providers meet the professional licensing requirements described in the agency's SBHS billing guide and in this chapter.
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