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PDFWAC 182-535-1350

Payment methodology for dental-related services.

The agency uses the description of dental services described in the American Dental Association's Current Dental Terminology (CDT), and the American Medical Association's Physician's Current Procedural Terminology (CPT).
(1) For covered dental-related services provided to eligible clients, the agency pays dentists and other eligible providers on a fee-for-service or contractual basis, subject to the exceptions and restrictions listed under WAC 182-535-1100 and 182-535-1400.
(2) The agency sets maximum allowable fees for dental services as follows:
(a) The agency's historical reimbursement rates for various procedures are compared to usual and customary charges.
(b) The agency consults with representatives of the provider community to identify program areas and concerns that need to be addressed.
(c) The agency consults with dental experts and public health professionals to identify and prioritize dental services and procedures for their effectiveness in improving or promoting dental health.
(d) Legislatively authorized vendor rate increases and/or earmarked appropriations for dental services are allocated to specific procedures based on the priorities identified in (c) of this subsection and considerations of access to services.
(e) Larger percentage increases may be given to those procedures which have been identified as most effective in improving or promoting dental health.
(f) Budget-neutral rate adjustments are made as appropriate based on the agency's evaluation of utilization trends, effectiveness of interventions, and access issues.
(3) The agency pays eligible fee-for-service providers listed in WAC 182-535-1070 for conscious sedation with parenteral and multiple oral agents, or for general anesthesia when the provider meets the criteria in this chapter and other applicable WAC. For clients enrolled in an agency-contracted managed care organization (MCO), the client's MCO pays for dental prescriptions.
(4) Dental hygienists who have a contract with the agency are paid at the same rate as dentists who have a contract with the agency, for services allowed under the Dental Hygienist Practice Act.
(5) Licensed denturists who have a contract with the agency are paid at the same rate as dentists who have a contract with the agency, for providing dentures and partials.
(6) The agency makes fee schedule changes whenever the legislature authorizes vendor rate increases or decreases.
(7) The agency may adjust maximum allowable fees to reflect changes in services or procedure code descriptions.
(8) The agency does not pay separately for chart or record setup, or for completion of reports, forms, or charting. The fees for these services are included in the agency's reimbursement for comprehensive oral evaluations or limited oral evaluations.
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