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PDFWAC 181-85-205

Required recordkeeping by approved in-service education agencies.

Each approved in-service education agency shall provide the following record service:
(1) Documentation that the in-service education program, including the program agenda as described in WAC 181-85-200(2), received approval by the board or committee under WAC 181-85-045(2) prior to offering the in-service program;
(2) A copy of the summary of evaluations required by WAC 181-85-200(7);
(3) A copy of the minutes of the board or committee which demonstrates that such board or committee reviewed the evaluation required by WAC 181-85-200(6);
(4) A list, for each in-service education program, of all participants who have requested continuing education credit hours by signing a registration form made available at the in-service education program. Such registration form shall provide space for the registrant to indicate they are requesting fewer hours than the amount calculated for the entire in-service education program due to partial attendance;
(5) The registrant shall be provided a form to be completed at the in-service education program which includes the necessary information for recording in-service credits, and upon request if such request is made within seven calendar years of such in-service education program, including the number of continuing education credit hours recorded. In addition, the registrant shall be given specific instructions regarding the need to preserve the record and how to correct the record if attendance or credit hours has been recorded by the approved in-service education agency inaccurately; and
(6) The above records shall be available for inspection by the superintendent of public instruction for a period of seven calendar years from the date of each in-service education program. The amendments to this section reducing the amount of recordkeeping by in-service providers shall apply retroactively to August 31, 1987.
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