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PDFWAC 181-82A-202

Certificate endorsements.

Teacher certificates shall be endorsed as follows:
(1) All levels:
(a) Bilingual education.
(b) Computer science.
(c) Deaf education.
(d) Deaf education with American sign language (ASL) proficiency.
(e) Designated arts: Dance.
(f) Designated arts: Theatre arts.
(g) Designated arts: Music: Choral, instrumental or general.
(h) Designated arts, visual arts.
(i) Designated world languages.
(j) English language learner.
(k) Health/fitness.
(l) Library media.
(m) Reading.
(n) Special education.
(o) Teacher of the visually impaired. Upon adoption of a content knowledge assessment by the professional educator standards board, teacher of the visually impaired will be available as an endorsement. Until adoption, teacher of the visually impaired will be available as a specialty endorsement.
(2) Early childhood:
(a) Early childhood education.
(b) Early childhood special education.
(3) Elementary education.
(4) Middle level:
(a) Middle level—Humanities.
(b) Middle level—Mathematics.
(c) Middle level—Science.
(5) Secondary level:
(a) Designated science: Biology.
(b) Designated science: Chemistry.
(c) Designated science: Earth and space science.
(d) Designated science: Physics.
(e) Designated career and technical education: Agriculture education, business and marketing education, family and consumer sciences education, and technology education.
(f) English language arts.
(g) History.
(h) Mathematics.
(i) Science.
(j) Social studies.
(k) Traffic safety.
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