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PDFWAC 181-77A-165

General standards for all career and technical education teacher certification based on business and industry work experience.

In addition to the career and technical education teacher role standards as published by the professional educator standards board, all candidates shall demonstrate competence in the following standards:
(1) State learning goals - The teacher is able to apply and integrate the state's learning goals and essential academic learning requirements in program implementation and assessment.
(2) Learning environments - The teacher is able to create and sustain safe learning environments which prepare diverse students for the workplace, advanced training, and continued education.
(3) Student characteristics and related instructional strategies - The teacher is able to identify the diverse needs of students and implement programs and strategies which promote student competency development and success.
(4) Personal and professional attributes - The teacher models personal and professional attributes and leadership skills which reflect productive life and work roles.
(5) Partnerships - The teacher implements and maintains collaborative partnerships with students, colleagues, community, business, industry, and families, which maximize resources and promote student self-sufficiency.
(6) Law - The teacher understands school law and educational policy.
(7) Issues of abuse - The educator understands issues of abuse and emotional or behavioral distress in students as described in WAC 181-79A-200.
(8) Candidates shall also demonstrate knowledge and skills in the following areas:
(a) General and specific safety;
(b) Career and technical education teaching methods;
(c) Occupational analysis;
(d) Course organization and curriculum design;
(e) Philosophy of vocational education;
(f) Personal student development and leadership techniques.
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