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PDFWAC 173-503-050

Water availability determination.

(1) The department has made a determination that two hundred cubic feet per second is available to be appropriated through groundwater withdrawal or surface water diversion for further instantaneous consumptive appropriation in the Lower and Upper Skagit watershed (WRIA 3 and 4). These waters are available for appropriation, subject to existing rights, exemptions in WAC 173-503-070, and instream flows in WAC 173-503-040(2). This determination was based upon review of existing water right records and existing water use, and is consistent with the findings section (WAC 173-503-030) of this regulation.
(2) The department advises that water rights issued to appropriate these waters determined to be available by this rule will be interruptible rights.
(3) After these instantaneous diversion or withdrawal of the 200 cfs quantities identified in subsection (1) of this section have been allocated by ecology, the Lower and Upper Skagit Watershed (WRIA 3 and 4) shall be withdrawn from further consumptive appropriations. This rule may be reopened to further consumptive appropriation only if further information demonstrates that such appropriations can be made consistent with the finding section (WAC 173-503-030) and the instream flow section (WAC 173-503-040). If further information demonstrates that the amount in the availability determination set forth in subsection (1) of this section should have been less than two hundred cubic feet per second, ecology will not be bound by the two hundred cubic feet per second number when processing individual water right applications.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 90.54 and 90.22 RCW, and chapter 173-500 WAC. WSR 01-07-027 (Order 99-05), ยง 173-503-050, filed 3/14/01, effective 4/14/01.]
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