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PDFWAC 173-495-070

Permit requirements.

(1) Each weather modification operation not specifically exempted by statute or these regulations requires a permit. A separate permit must be issued for each operation.
(2) A license holder desiring to conduct a weather modification operation shall submit an application for a permit to ecology.
(3) The permit applicant must hold a valid weather modification license from the state of Washington.
(4) The applicant shall publish a notice of intention at least once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper that has general circulation within the county in which the operation is to be conducted or affected.
(5) The licensee shall file proof of publication of the notice of intention with ecology within fifteen days from the date of last publication of the notice.
(6) The notice of intention must contain at least the following:
(a) The name and address of the licensee;
(b) The nature and object of the intended operation and the person or organization on whose behalf it is to be conducted;
(c) The area in which and the appropriate time during which the operation will be conducted;
(d) The area intended to be affected by the operation; and
(e) The materials and methods to be used in conducting the operation.
(7) The applicant shall furnish proof of financial responsibility, as described in WAC 173-495-120 of this chapter.
(8) The applicant shall pay a permit fee outlined in chapter 173-455 WAC.
(9) Before issuing a permit, ecology shall state, in writing, that the weather modification and control activities proposed have been determined to be for the general welfare and public good.
(10) Ecology shall hold a public hearing before any weather modification permit is issued.
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