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PDFWAC 173-490-025

General applicability.

In addition to the general applicability of chapter 173-400 WAC to all emission sources, specific emission standards listed in this chapter will take precedence over the general emission standards of chapter 173-400 WAC.
(1) This chapter shall apply to the specified emission sources of VOCs located in or operating within designated ozone nonattainment areas of the state of Washington.
(2) This chapter does not apply to those sources under the jurisdiction of the energy facility site evaluation council (EFSEC).
(3) A source of VOC emissions not belonging to any of the categories listed in WAC 173-490-030 nor specifically identified in any section, but which is located on the same or adjacent property and owned or operated by the same person as a regulated emission source, shall not be required to comply with the regulations of this chapter.
(4) Sources of VOC emissions may be exempted, by the director, from any or all requirements to control or reduce the emissions of VOCs when:
(a) The source is a development operation and the equipment is used exclusively for research, laboratory analysis or determination of product quality and commercial acceptance, provided emissions of VOCs from such operations do not exceed 300 kg (660 lbs) per month; or
(b) The source has emissions of VOCs which do not exceed 18 kg (40 lbs) per month and registration is not required under WAC 173-490-030; or
(c) The source is a spray booth which is used solely for maintenance and utility activities and whose emissions do not exceed 18 kg (40 lbs) per month.
(5) Sources of VOCs may be granted exemptions from emissions standards for a period not to exceed thirty days if the source is a newly permitted source which is to replace a similar permitted source and the new source is intended to utilize the existing emission control system. This provision is intended to apply to a break-in period prior to the shutdown and removal of the existing source.
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