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PDFWAC 173-441-086

Assigned emissions level.

(1) Ecology may assign an emissions level to any annual GHG report that:
(a) Failed to submit a complete annual GHG report by the report submission due date, specified in WAC 173-441-050(2);
(b) Failed to meet the third-party verification requirements in WAC 173-441-085;
(c) Has an adverse verification statement; or
(d) Ecology determines a discrepancy, omission, or misreporting, as described in WAC 173-441-085 (3)(b)(i) through (iv), results in a substantive error as defined in WAC 173-441-050 (7)(c). This standard also separately applies to any product data in the annual GHG report.
(2) The assigned emissions level must be used when determining compliance with chapter 70A.65 RCW, as described in chapter 173-446 WAC.
(3) Ecology must use conservative assumptions when setting the assigned emissions level to avoid underestimating emissions in a compliance year or overestimating emissions in a baseline year.
(a) Within five working days of a written request by ecology, the third-party verifier (if applicable) must provide any available verification services information or correspondence related to the emissions data.
(b) Within five working days of a written request by ecology, the owner or operator of a reporter must provide the data that is required to calculate GHG emissions for the reporter according to the requirements of this chapter, the preliminary or final detailed verification report prepared by the third-party verifier (if applicable), and other information requested by ecology, including the operating days and hours of the reporter during the data year. The owner or operator must also make available personnel who can assist ecology's determination of an assigned emissions level for the data year.
(4) Ecology may adjust the assigned emissions level if the owner or operator is able to obtain a positive verification statement for the annual GHG report at a later date.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70A.15.2200. WSR 22-05-050 (Order 21-07), § 173-441-086, filed 2/9/22, effective 3/12/22. Statutory Authority: Chapters 70.94, 70.235 RCW. WSR 16-19-047 (Order 15-10), § 173-441-086, filed 9/15/16, effective 10/16/16.]
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