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PDFWAC 173-435-040

Source emission reduction plans.

(1) Any person responsible for the operation of a major source, when requested in writing by the director, shall prepare, in consultation with the department, a source emission reduction plan (SERP). This SERP shall be consistent with good industrial practice and safe operating procedures for reducing the emissions of air contaminants into the ambient air during periods of air pollution alert, warning, and emergency.
(2) SERPs shall be in writing and shall show the source of air contamination, describe the manner in which the reduction of air contaminant emissions will be achieved during periods of air pollution alert, warning, and emergency, and give the amount of reduction for each stage.
(3) During periods of air pollution alert, warning, or emergency, SERPs shall be made available, on the premises of sources required under this section to have them, to any person authorized to enforce the provisions of this episode avoidance plan.
(4) SERPs shall be submitted to the director within 30 days after receipt of a request thereof.
(5) SERPs shall be reviewed and approved by the director. If, in the opinion of the director, and SERP does not, in whole or in part, provide for satisfactory emission reduction during an episode, the director may disapprove such SERP, give the reason for disapproval, and require the resubmittal of same within a specified time period.
If within the time period specified, the person responsible fails to submit a SERP satisfactory to the director, the director may revise the SERP to cause it to meet episode avoidance objectives. This revised plan will then be the SERP for the source to which it applies.
(6) SERPs may be amended after submission to the director of a revised SERP. This revised SERP will be processed in the same manner as the originally submitted SERP.
(7) An emission reduction plan for the purpose of reducing motor vehicle emissions during episode stages, will be developed or approved by the department. These plans may include actions to be taken by other governmental units, citizens, and businesses.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 70.94 and 43.21A RCW. WSR 89-02-055 (Order 88-39), § 173-435-040, filed 1/3/89; Order DE 77-21, § 173-435-040, filed 10/31/77.]
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