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PDFWAC 173-410-021


The definitions of terms contained in chapter 173-400 WAC are incorporated into this chapter by reference. Unless a different meaning is clearly required by context, the following words and phrases as used in this chapter, shall have the following meanings:
(1) "Acid plant" means the facility in which the cooking liquor is either manufactured or fortified when not associated with a recovery system.
(2) "Average daily emission" means total weight of an air contaminant emitted in each month, divided by the number of days of production that month.
(3) "Average daily production" means air dried tons of unbleached pulp produced in a month, divided by the number of days of production in that month.
(4) "Blow system" includes the storage chest, tank or pit to which the digester pulp is discharged following the cook.
(5) "Ecology" means the department of ecology.
(6) "Recovery system" means the process by which all or part of the cooking chemicals may be recovered, and cooking liquor regenerated from spent cooking liquor, including evaporation, combustion, dissolving, fortification, storage facilities, and emission control equipment associated with the recovery cycle.
(7) "Sulfite pulping mill" means any manufacturing facility which uses a cooking liquor consisting of sulfurous acid, a sulfite or bisulfite salt alone or in any combination, with or without additional mechanical refining or delignification to produce pulp, pulp products or cellulose from wood fibers. For the purposes of this regulation "sulfite pulping mill" is equivalent to "source."
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