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PDFWAC 173-406-703

Fast-track modifications.

(1) Fast-track modifications shall follow the following procedures:
(a) The designated representative shall serve a copy of the fast-track modification on the administrator, the permitting authority, and any person entitled to a written notice under WAC 173-401-800. Within five business days of serving such copies, the designated representative shall also give public notice by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the area where the source is located or in a state publication designed to give general public notice.
(b) The public shall have a period of thirty days, commencing on the date of publication of the notice, to comment on the fast-track modification. Comments shall be submitted in writing to the permitting authority and to the designated representative.
(c) The designated representative shall submit the fast-track modification to the permitting authority on or before commencement of the public comment period.
(d) Within thirty days of the close of the public comment period, the permitting authority will consider the fast-track modification and the comments received and approve or disapprove, in whole or in part or with changes or conditions as appropriate, or disapprove the modification. A fast-track modification shall be effective immediately upon issuance, in accordance with WAC 173-401-810 as applied to significant modifications.
(2) The following permit revisions are, at the option of the designated representative submitting the permit revision, either fast-track modifications under this section or permit modifications under WAC 173-406-702:
(a) Incorporation of a compliance option that the designated representative did not submit for approval and comment during the permit issuance process;
(b) Addition of a nitrogen oxides averaging plan to a permit; and
(c) Changes in a repowering plan, nitrogen oxides averaging plan, or nitrogen oxides compliance deadline extension.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.94 RCW. WSR 94-23-127 (Order 94-23), ยง 173-406-703, filed 11/23/94, effective 12/24/94.]
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