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PDFWAC 173-182-700

Drill participation, scheduling and evaluation.

(1) Plan holders, spill management teams (SMTs), wildlife response service providers (WRSPs), and primary response contractors (PRCs) shall participate in a drill and equipment verification program for the purpose of ensuring that all contingency plan components function to provide, to the maximum extent practicable, prompt and proper removal of oil and minimization of damage from a variety of spill sizes. In Washington, a modified triennial cycle for drills, as found in the National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (NPREP), is relied on to test each component of the plan.
(2) Plan holders and PRCs shall ensure ecology is provided an opportunity to help design and evaluate all tabletop and deployment drills for which the plan holder desires drill credit. To ensure this, plan holders shall schedule drills on the NWACP area exercise calendar. Scheduling requirements are noted in the table in WAC 173-182-710.
(3) Ecology shall mail a written drill evaluation report for drills to the plan holder following each deployment and tabletop drill. Credit will be granted for drill objectives that are successfully met.
(4) Objectives that are not successfully met shall be tested again and must be successfully demonstrated within the triennial cycle, except that significant failures will be retested within thirty days.
(5) Where plan deficiencies have been identified in the written evaluation, plan holders may be required to make specific amendments to the plan or conduct additional trainings to address the deficiencies.
(6) A plan holder may request an informal review with ecology of the ecology drill evaluation within thirty days of receipt of the report.
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