Chapter 90.56 RCW


Director responsible for spill response.
Powers and duties.
Authority supplemental.
Statewide master oil and hazardous substance spill prevention and contingency planEvaluation and revision or elimination of advisory committees.
Coordination with federal law.
Hazardous substances incident response training and education program.
Washington wildlife rescue coalition.
Rehabilitation of wildlifeRules.
Prevention plans.
Contingency plans.
Contingency plansDepartment to update rules.
Facility operation standards.
Operations manuals.
Standards for spill management, cleanup, and containment services contractors.
Index of prevention plans and contingency plansEquipment inventory.
Adequacy of contingency plansPractice drillsReport.
Enforcement of contingency plans.
Joint large-scale, multiple plan equipment deployment drills of onshore and offshore facilities and covered vesselsRequirements.
Duty to notify coast guard and division of emergency management of discharge.
Unlawful operation of facilityCriminal penalties.
Operation of a facility or vessel without contingency or prevention plan or financial responsibilityCivil penalty.
Unlawful for oil to enter watersExceptions.
Additional penalties.
Vessel response accountDedicated rescue tug.
Duty to remove oil.
Investigation, removal, containment, treatment, or dispersal of oil and hazardous substancesRecord of expenses.
Liability for expenses.
Strict liability of owner or controller of oilDamagesExceptions.
Liability of others for cleanup expenses.
Liability for removal costs.
Department investigation of circumstances of entry of oilOrder for reimbursement of expensesModificationAction to recover necessary expenses.
Right of entry and access to records pertinent to investigations.
Authorized discharges of oilPermits.
Oil spill response account.
Oil spill prevention account.
Reckless operation of a tank vesselPenalty.
Operation of a vessel while under influence of liquor or drugsPenalty.
Breath or blood analysis.
Limited immunity for blood withdrawal.
Facilities that receive crude oil from a railroad carAdvanced notice systemDepartment required to report informationAdoption of rules.
Vessel traffic management/vessel traffic safety within and near the Columbia riverEvaluation and assessment submitted to the legislature.
Updates to the senate and house of representatives.
Periodic evaluation and update of planning standards for oil spill response equipment.
ConstructionAppeal not to stay order, rule, or regulation.
Effective dates1991 c 200.
Environmental certification programsFeesRulesLiability: RCW 43.21A.175.
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