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PDFWAC 173-182-522

Planning standards for shoreline cleanup.

(1) Each contingency plan shall include procedures for identifying shoreline types that could be impacted by an oil spill and procedures to determine appropriate response tactics for the potentially impacted shorelines during spills. The plan should describe contracted access to shoreline clean-up workers and shoreline clean-up equipment to ensure the following capability can plan to arrive within twenty-four hours of spill notification:
(a) Plan holders must have contracted access to one hundred trained shoreline clean-up workers. The shoreline clean-up workers must have appropriate safety and Hazwoper training and will not be counted towards other planning standards. The training should enable clean-up workers to safely perform clean-up actions under the direction of the supervisors and the work assignment as developed by the unified command.
(b) Plan holders must have contracted access to trained shoreline clean-up supervisors. Training for supervisors must include safety, Hazwoper, and relevant ICS courses. For planning purposes a ratio of 1:10 supervisors to clean-up workers should be available under contract to the plan holder. The shoreline clean-up supervisors will not be counted towards other planning standards. Supervisors must understand the ICS process and be able to direct workers consistent with the work assignments as developed by unified command.
(c) Plan holders shall have access to adequate equipment for passive recovery for three miles of shoreline on three tide lines. The plan must identify the staging location(s) of the shoreline clean-up equipment.
(d) The plan holder must have access to a shoreline clean-up mobile storage cache that can support eighty to one hundred shoreline clean-up workers with personal protective equipment, hand tools, and other logistical support for three to five days.
(2) Plan holders must describe how data collection, communications, data transmission and data management will be conducted.
(3) The plan shall describe how the plan holder will obtain additional resources necessary to support fourteen additional days of shoreline cleanup. The description should include vendor names, contact information, resources, and approximate time frames for resources to arrive at a staging area.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 88.46.0601, 88.46.060, 88.46.120, 88.46.068, 90.56.2101, 90.56.210, 90.56.240, 90.56.569, 90.56.050, and 90.56.005. WSR 20-01-165 (Order 18-10), § 173-182-522, filed 12/18/19, effective 1/18/20. Statutory Authority: Chapters 88.46, 90.48, 90.56 RCW, and 2011 c 122. WSR 13-01-054 (Order 11-06), § 173-182-522, filed 12/14/12, effective 1/14/13.]
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