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PDFWAC 173-182-240

Field document.

(1) Each plan shall contain a field document which lists time-critical information for the initial emergency phase of a spill and a substantial threat of a spill. The owner or operator of the covered vessel or facility shall make the field document available to personnel who participate in oil handling operations and shall keep the field document in key locations at facilities, docks, on vessels and in the plan. The locations where field documents are kept must be listed in the plan, provided that plan holders covering multiple persons shall not be subject to enforcement if the owner or operator of an enrolled vessel fails to keep the field documents in the location specified in the plan.
Plans covering multiple persons shall include procedures to ensure each vessel covered by the plan is provided the field document prior to entering Washington waters. This can include by electronic means.
(2) At a minimum, the field document shall contain:
(a) A list of the procedures and equipment to detect, assess and document the presence and size of a spill;
(b) Spill notification procedures, a call out list that meets the requirements in WAC 173-182-260 and 173-182-262 or 173-182-264 as applicable, and a form to document notifications; and
(c) A checklist that identifies significant steps used to respond to a spill, listed in a logical progression of response activities.
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