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PDFWAC 16-740-030


"Administrative costs" means management and general expenses, including membership dues that cannot be readily identified with a particular program or direct services.
"Applicant" means a public or private nonprofit organization, tribe or tribal organization who applies for state emergency food assistance.
"Commodity program" means a program that primarily distributes USDA surplus commodities to clients (TEFAP).
"Contractor" means an applicant who has been awarded state funds under the emergency food assistance program, and who has entered into a contract with the department to provide emergency food assistance to individuals.
"Department" means the Washington state department of agriculture.
"Director" means the director of the Washington state department of agriculture or the director's authorized representative.
"Emergency food" means food that is given to clients who do not have the means to acquire that food themselves, so that they will not go hungry.
"Emergency food assistance program" or "EFAP" means the statewide activities of the department to assist local emergency food programs by allocating and awarding state funds.
"Food bank" means an emergency food program that distributes unprepared food without charge to its clients, is open a fixed number of hours and days each week or month, and such hours and days are publicly posted.
"Food distributor" means a food distribution agency that collects, warehouses, and distributes food to emergency food programs and other charities on a county, regional, or statewide basis.
"In-kind" means the value of volunteer services or donated goods such as staff time, rent, food, supplies and transportation.
"Lead agency contractor" means a contractor who may subcontract with one or more local food banks to provide emergency food assistance to individuals, and with food distributors to provide food to food banks.
"Operational expenses" means those costs clearly identifiable with providing direct services to eligible clients, or distribution services to food banks such as staff time, transportation costs, and equipment rental.
"Participating food bank" means a local public or private nonprofit food bank that enters into a subcontract with a lead agency contractor to provide emergency food assistance to individuals.
"Religious service" means any sectarian or nondenominational service, rite, or meeting that involves worship of a higher being.
"Special dietary needs" means funds to purchase food that meets the nutritional needs of a special needs population.
"Tribal food voucher program" means the statewide activities of the department that allocate and award state funds to tribes and tribal organizations that issue food vouchers to clients.
[Statutory Authority: 2010 c 68 and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 10-20-061, ยง 16-740-030, filed 9/27/10, effective 10/28/10.]
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