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PDFWAC 16-324-409

Postharvest test requirements.

(1) Postharvest testing is required for the following lots:
(a) All Generation 1 lots except lots that are less than 0.25 acre and planted back on the same seed potato farm;
(b) Seed lots sold for recertification; and
(c) Lots for which a postharvest test is required by WAC 16-324-399.
(2) Testing of seed lots submitted for postharvest testing in subsection (1)(a) and (b) of this section by ELISA for PVY is optional. Seed lots officially sampled by the department for PVY testing will be subject to disease tolerance listed under WAC 16-324-420.
(3) A minimum of four hundred tubers must be submitted for each seed lot entered for postharvest testing. Seed lots less than 0.25 acre in size must submit a minimum of four tubers per total hundred weight with a minimum of fifty tubers.
(4) The applicant is responsible for the cost of postharvest testing.
(5) Seed lots in the postharvest test which fail to comply with the disease tolerance requirements set forth in WAC 16-324-420 are not eligible for recertification.
(a) The applicant must notify in writing all receivers of any seed lot that failed to comply with postharvest tolerances set forth in WAC 16-324-420.
(b) Acceptance of a seed lot that fails to comply with the tolerances set forth in WAC 16-324-420 must be based on a written buyer/seller agreement. The grower must provide the department with a copy of the written agreement within thirty days of receiving the postharvest results.
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