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PDFWAC 16-324-399

Field inspection.

(1) The department will visually inspect each seed lot at least two times during the growing season. The department may make additional inspections if the department deems it necessary.
(2) The department will reject all seed lots that do not comply with minimum field inspection standards at the time of inspection.
(3) Growers must notify the department of unusual field conditions, which may cause premature dying from any cause prior to the final reading of the field.
(4) Postharvest testing is required for any seed lot with a field condition preventing adequate field evaluation at the time of the first field inspection.
(5) If the department is unable to perform the final field inspection of a seed potato lot for any reason at least one of the following actions will be taken:
(a) The seed lot will be denied certification;
(b) The seed lot will be denied recertification; and/or
(c) The lot must be postharvest tested and found free of ring rot.
(6) The department will reject any seed lot in which ring rot is detected and will conduct additional inspections on all of the grower's remaining seed lots. The department will not recertify any seed lot associated with or planted after the rejected lot. The department will submit samples of ring rot detected during field inspections to an approved laboratory for confirmation.
(7) The department may require a postharvest test and withhold certification pending results of the postharvest test on seed potato lots exposed to any chemical that causes tuber-borne injury. Any seed potato lot showing five percent or greater tuber-borne chemical damage in the postharvest test will be rejected for certification.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 15.14 RCW. WSR 00-20-070, ยง 16-324-399, filed 10/3/00, effective 11/3/00.]
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