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PDFWAC 16-303-320

Certification fees for seed certified by the department.

Seed certification fees apply to seed classes identified in WAC 16-302-015, as follows:
(1) Fees apply to both new and renewal applications.
The seed processor is responsible for seed certification fees including sampling, testing, production and final certification fees, and may accept responsibility for any other additional fees associated with certification. Fees for services such as O.E.C.D. and sod quality, etc., are in addition to the fees listed in this section.
Application Fee 1/
Seedling field
inspection fee
producing or field
inspectionFee 2/
Penalty Fee
Reinspection Fee
(other than
Fee (includes
tagging) 7/10/11/
Seed shipped
Out-of-State (uncleaned)
Alfalfa, Red clover, White clover and Trefoil
$32.25 per variety per grower
$54.00 per field
$2.00 per acre
$58.00 per field
$0.57/cwt. 5/
Annual grasses
$32.25 per field
$2.00 per acre
$50.00 per field
$58.00 per field
$32.25 per variety per grower
$2.00 per acre 3/
(one inspection)
$4.00 per acre 4/
(two inspections)
$58.00 per field
$32.25 per field
$55.00 first acre
$12.00 ea. additional acre except hybrid corn $5.35 ea. additional acre
$0.15 per tag issued
$4.00 per document
Industrial hemp
$32.25 per field
Hourly rate, travel time and mileage as established in WAC 16-303-250
Additional inspections: Hourly rate, travel time and mileage as established in WAC 16-303-250
$0.15 per tag issued; $15.00 minimum fee
Perennial Grasses 6/
$32.25 per field
$54.00 per field
$54.00 per field
$58.00 per field
Option A
$0.91/cwt. for all grass except tall fescue
$0.55/cwt. tall fescue
Option B
$1.26/cwt. (min. $12.54)
Rapeseed, Canola, and Mustard
$32.25 per variety per grower
$2.00 per acre (one inspection)
$50.00 per grower
$58.00 per field
Turnip, Rutabaga, Kale
$32.25 per field
$4.00 per acre (two inspections)
$58.00 per field
Seed certification application due dates can be found in WAC 16-302-050.
Seedling producing or field inspection fees are refundable if the acreage is withdrawn before the inspection is completed. In the case of bean seed, fees are required of seedling fields to be harvested for certification the year of planting.
One inspection is required for Great Northern Red Mexican, pinto, pink, and small white bean.
Includes windrow inspection which is required for certification of snap beans, kidney beans, and eligibility for shipment into the state of Idaho.
Production fees are billed at completion of laboratory analysis tests. If no seed is tagged, $0.10 of the $0.57 per cwt. production fee is refundable.
Option A: Inspection and final certification fees are based on pounds sampled and billed upon completion of required laboratory tests.
Option B: Inspection and final certification fees are based on pounds tagged after required laboratory tests are completed. Those dealers requesting sampling and tagging privileges and/or participation in Option B must sign a memorandum of agreement that shall expire on June 30 of each year. The memorandum may be terminated by the director if the conditioner violates certification standards or requirements of memorandum.
Does not include shipping and handling charge for tags.
Service inspection of seed fields
Service inspection will be charged the established hourly rate inclusive of travel time and inspection time. This excludes the seedling inspection which is charged according to the above chart.
Service inspections will be charged a mileage fee based upon the OFM mileage rate.
Hybrid inspections (pollen counts)
All crops except corn and industrial hemp:
(a) $48.50 per inspection if done at the time of the certification inspection.
(b) $135.00 per inspection if not conducted at the time of the certification inspection.
Minimum tagging fee is $13.00.
For seed lots in packages of less than 25 lbs., tags are $0.15 per tag in addition to the production fee.
(2) Other fees associated with grass seed certification:
Out-of-state origin seed tagged with interagency certification tags.
Grass Option A:
$0.33 per cwt.
Grass Option B:
$0.73 per cwt.
(3) Reissuance of certification tags is $0.15 per tag or a minimum fee of $13.00.
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