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PDFWAC 16-170-155

Water requirements.

(1) Any water used in the slaughter, preparation or sale of your poultry must be of a safe and sanitary quality, which means the water supply is potable from an approved source and is monitored according to applicable laws and rules.
(2) Processors that operate from single-family residences on private water supplies need only meet bacteriological testing requirements. Optionally, potable water may be hauled onto the poultry slaughter site for use by the processor as long as the transport vehicle and water are of safe and sanitary quality.
(3) Water used from a private water system for the slaughter, preparation or sale of poultry must be sampled and tested at least annually. Copies of water test reports must be on file at the farm and available for review by WSDA during routine slaughter site inspections.
(4) Any ice manufactured on the farm for use in the poultry slaughter process must be manufactured from potable water.
(5) All ice used at the poultry slaughter site that is not manufactured on the farm must be from an approved source.
(6) All ice used at the poultry slaughter site must be properly handled and stored to protect against contamination.
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