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PDFWAC 16-170-150

Cleaning and sanitizing requirements.

(1) All contact surfaces of equipment, utensils, containers and other articles used in the slaughter and preparation of poultry, must be kept free of any residue or contaminant that could contaminate or adulterate (as defined in RCW 15.130.200), the raw whole poultry carcass.
(2) Residues and contaminants must frequently be removed from all slaughter and preparation contact surfaces to prevent the residues from becoming:
(a) Unwholesome or unfit for the raw whole poultry carcass;
(b) Decomposed, filthy, or putrid; or
(c) Injurious to public health.
(3) All poultry slaughter and preparation contact surfaces must be sanitized:
(a) Before they are used; and
(b) After they are cleaned.
(4) A separate bucket of sanitizer must be kept in the poultry slaughter site for rinsing/storing the wipe down cloths used to sanitize all slaughter equipment and slaughter/preparation contact surfaces. The sanitizing solution in the bucket should be at a minimum 100 ppm (mg/L) for chlorine solution or 50 ppm (mg/L) for iodine solution.
(5) Any noncarcass contact surfaces of equipment used in the slaughter of poultry must be kept reasonably free of dirt, old slaughter/preparation residues, foreign material, dust, mold, mildew, slime and other accumulations that occur as a result of the slaughter/preparation operation.
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