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PDFWAC 139-05-242

Readmission to the basic law enforcement academy.

No person may be readmitted to any basic law enforcement academy except as provided in this section.
(1) Any request for readmission must be made and submitted by the individual's employing agency head, or designee, in accordance with commission policies and procedures.
(2) Any individual whose academy enrollment was terminated for academic failure, skills deficiency, disciplinary reasons other than those specified in subsection (3) of this section, or who had voluntarily withdrawn for any reason, may be readmitted to a subsequent academy session only if:
(a) The individual's current employing agency head, or their designee, submits to the commission a written request for readmission of the individual to the academy; and
(b) The executive director of the commission, or designee, is satisfied that any conditions to the individual's readmission specified by the executive director, or designee, have been met.
(3) Any person whose academy enrollment was terminated for an integrity violation including, but not limited to: Cheating, the making of materially false statements, the commission of a crime, or other violation contained in RCW 43.101.105 will be ineligible for readmission to any subsequent academy within 24 months from the date of dismissal regardless of employer or employment status.
(4) An exception to the ineligibility period specified in subsection (3) of this section may be granted at the sole discretion of the commission executive director, or designee, based upon mitigating circumstances.
(a) No person may be considered for such early readmission after an integrity violation dismissal unless a written request is made by the head of the agency employing the individual at the time of the request.
(b) Requests for early readmission must follow applicable commission policies and procedures to be considered.
(c) The executive director's, or designee's, decision under this subsection shall be subject to review only for abuse of discretion.
(5) After the ineligibility period specified in subsection (3) of this section has passed, or after an exception has been granted by the commission under subsection (4) of this section, the person previously dismissed for an integrity violation may be readmitted to a subsequent academy session only the conditions of subsection (2) of this section are satisfactorily met.
(6) For purposes of this section, reserves and volunteers will be deemed to be employees of the agencies which sponsor them for participation in a training academy.
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