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Chapter 139-05 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF139-05-200Requirement of basic law enforcement training for officers.
HTMLPDF139-05-210Process for equivalency.
HTMLPDF139-05-220Backgrounding requirement for admission in the basic law enforcement academies.
HTMLPDF139-05-230Physical requirements for admission to the basic law enforcement academy.
HTMLPDF139-05-240Completion requirements of basic law enforcement academies.
HTMLPDF139-05-241Sponsored reserve officer requirements for basic law enforcement academy training.
HTMLPDF139-05-242Readmission to the basic law enforcement academy.
HTMLPDF139-05-250Basic law enforcement curriculum.
HTMLPDF139-05-300Requirement for in-service training.
HTMLPDF139-05-810Basic training requirement for reserve officers.
HTMLPDF139-05-825Basic reserve law enforcement academy certificate of equivalency.
HTMLPDF139-05-915CaninesTraining and certification.
HTMLPDF139-05-920Requirement of training for agriculture officers.
HTMLPDF139-05-925Requirement of training for railroad police officers.
HTMLPDF139-05-935Review of staff action.
HTMLPDF139-05-940Exemption, waiver, extension or variance.
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