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PDFWAC 137-28-230

General infraction procedure.

(1) In the event of a general violation, a staff member may make an on-site adjustment. An on-site adjustment may consist of counseling, warning, or reprimanding the incarcerated individual and/or directing the incarcerated individual to remove themselves from the situation immediately. An action addressed through an on-site adjustment cannot be considered a general violation for the purposes of determining whether a #657 serious violation has occurred.
(2) In the event of a general violation where a staff member does not make an on-site adjustment, the staff member will prepare and submit an infraction report per department policy. The staff member will attach copies of any supporting documents.
(3) The general infraction report shall be promptly submitted for review to the supervisor designated by the superintendent. Upon review, if the supervisor determines the action meets the criteria of a serious violation, they may return the report to the reporting staff member to upgrade the general violation to a serious violation. If the violation is upgraded, the reporting staff member will forward the serious infraction report to the infraction review officer.
(4) If the action was appropriately charged as a general violation, the supervisor will decide whether the incarcerated individual is guilty or not guilty within five business days of receiving the report, unless an extension is approved in writing by the hearing officer. The supervisor will conduct an informal hearing at which they may allow witnesses and documentary evidence with the incarcerated individual present.
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