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PDFWAC 137-28-220

General violations.

(1) Any of the following types of behavior may constitute a general violation. Attempting or conspiring to commit one of the following violations, or aiding and abetting another to commit one of the following violations, shall be considered the same as committing the violation.
Unauthorized possession/theft
Possessing money, stamps, or other negotiable instruments without authorization, the total value of which is less than five dollars
Possessing anything not authorized for retention or receipt by an incarcerated individual and/or not issued to an incarcerated individual through approved channels
Misusing or wasting issued supplies, goods, services, or property, the replacement value of which is less than ten dollars
Pretending or failing to take prescribed medication by concealing or retaining the medication
Stealing food, the value of which is less than ten dollars
Possessing an unauthorized amount of clothing, bedding, or issued supplies
Giving, selling, purchasing, borrowing, lending, trading, or accepting money or anything of value except through approved channels, the value of which is less than ten dollars
Altering/destroying property
Damaging, altering, or destroying any item that is not the incarcerated individual's personal property, the value of which is less than ten dollars
Disruptive behavior/lying
Harassing, using abusive language, or engaging in other offensive behavior directed to or in the presence of another person(s) or group(s)
Lying to a staff member
Engaging in disruptive behavior
Roughhousing, or engaging in horseplay or any other unauthorized physical contact with another incarcerated individual(s)
Demonstrating, practicing, or using martial arts or other self-defense tactics
Failure to follow rules and orders
Failing to follow any oral/written orders, rules, or policies not otherwise included in these rules
Failing to perform a work, training, education, or other programming assignment as directed
Out of bounds: Being in an area where the presence of the incarcerated individual is unauthorized
Interfering or failing to comply with count procedures
Smoking or possessing tobacco or related products/paraphernalia where prohibited
Failing to maintain one's clothing, personal hygiene, or quarters in accordance with facility rules or policies
Unauthorized communication/visitor contact
Using the mail, telephone, or electronic communications without authorization
Conducting/participating in unwanted written, telephone, or electronic communications with any person
Corresponding with or engaging in conduct with a visitor in violation of published or posted rules or policies
Inappropriate use of equipment
Using any equipment or machinery when not specifically authorized or contrary to instructions or safety standards
Unexcused absence/feigning illness
Being absent from work or any assignment, scheduled meeting, appointment, or call out without authorization
Pretending to be ill or injured contrary to medical/mental health screening results
Inappropriate sexual behavior
Displaying sexual affection with another incarcerated individual(s)
Engaging in an unauthorized display of affection with a visitor
(2) If contraband or another violation is discovered in an incarcerated individual's assigned area of responsibility, such as within the confines or contents of a cell, the contraband or other violation shall be constructively attributed (i.e., cell tagged) to all incarcerated individuals assigned responsibility for that area.
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