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PDFWAC 132V-15-100

Third party access to records—Internal.

(1) Within the Tacoma Community College community, only those persons, individually and collectively, acting in the student's educational interest shall be allowed access to a student's educational records or other personally identifiable records. These persons include employees in the
(a) Admissions, advising, assessment and registration centers;
(b) Financial aid office;
(c) Office of the dean of student services;
(d) Security and parking services; and
(e) Offices of record; and
(f) Other college officials within the limitations of their need to know.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(13). WSR 96-16-034, § 132V-15-100, filed 8/1/96, effective 9/1/96; WSR 89-20-013 (Order 89-1), § 132V-15-100, filed 9/26/89, effective 10/27/89.]
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